On January 29, 2021

Soon we will be listening out for cuckoos

Watching for the first sign of apple blossom on the tree

Looking skyward for swifts and swallows

Soaking up the delicious warmth of early spring sunlight


Soon it will be time to begin the tyranny of lawn mowing

To commence battle against convolvulus and dandelions

To sew early spring vegetables and sweet peas

To clear up fallen leaves and clean the slabs


Soon we will be able to start our lives again

To break out shorts and sandals, sun cream and straw hats

To dust off the barbecue and the outdoor furniture

To put up the parasols and bunting for the fete


Soon we will be able to count the cost

To mourn our dead and grieve for so much we have lost

To breathe the air again without a mask

To touch and hold and hug without fear






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