Sunset, Northern Spain Bruges Lofoten, northern Norway

As well as showcasing my first three novels, this site features a selection of photographs, short stories and poems, together with a regular blog. Items will be posted at irregular intervals, but there should be something new at least every week. Enjoy.

About author
David Hermelin Style: Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Adventure David was born in Banbury, Oxfordshire, in 1947. After spending four years at art school, he has been a graphic designer for pretty much his entire working life, with posts in a number of London advertising agencies before having his own agency in Cullompton, Devon. For the last twenty five years of his career, he was Design Director for a major international non fiction publishing house.
David Hermelin


“I have always believed that reading should be a pleasure and not a chore. No matter how thought provoking, whether a poem, a short story or a novel, the language should flow from page to mind without a stop on the way to consult a dictionary or encyclopaedia.

If you want a challenge, wrestle with a crossword. If you want a good read, look no further…”

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