Poetry as a Controlled Substance
On September 11, 2017

Just a bit of fun, although on closer inspection…


1     Follow the instructions to the letter

2     If you encounter difficulty, seek expert help

3     Handle with care

4     Treat with respect

5     Not to be taken literally

6     Always start as you mean to go on

7     The presence of rhyme does not necessarily guarantee reason

8     Prolonged exposure may cause irritation

9     Wear appropriate clothing at all times

10   Leave a note detailing your intended route

11   Never talk of strangers

12   Keep to the marked paths

13   Do not exceed the stated dose

14   Do not use hooks

15   Do not cover

16   Do not pass off

17   Stay calm

18   Don’t panic

19   This substance is:

  • Flammable
  • Unpredictable
  • Dangerous

20   Keep well within the reach of children



© David Hermelin 2017

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