Together ’63
On June 12, 2017

For anyone over a certain age, this poem might spark off some nostalgic memories.

We went to parties
Ealing or Acton
Victorian semis
high ceilings, sash windows
loud students
louder music
kitchens packed with
not a lot –
sauternes and sherry
sometimes scotch or vodka
always party fours
never enough glasses
sometimes enough mugs
(dirty of course)
there were corners –
armchairs or mattresses
mostly coat strewn
always dark and close
always ours to lie on
all night long
to kiss and hug
fumble and stroke
whisper and giggle
sigh and light and share
another fag
to gaze into candled eyes
and see dreams there
to plan and plot
holidays, revolutions
and next week’s dance
bathing in being there
washing in wanting
passing time more precious
than any other time would be
spinning through our youthful nights
like floodlit moths

© David Hermelin

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